TrainingToday Learning Management System

Man at laptop training employees with TrainingToday LMS

Written by Bradley Morton

Director of Human Resources

Applied Business Solutions

October 7, 2021

Create customized training and education programs for your employees using the TrainingToday learning management system (LMS) offered through Applied Business Solutions!

TrainingToday gives employers access to a library of hundreds of interactive courses, trainings, and presentations on today’s relevant workplace topics led by an array of subject matter experts in their fields. Applied Business Solutions will work with clients one-on-one to navigate the extensive list of offerings and tailor-make learning programs that meet your unique needs.

Examples of courses/trainings offered by TrainingToday include:

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees / Supervisors
  • Cyber Security
  • Communicating in a Global Workplace
  • Effective Decision-making Strategies for Employees
  • Organizing and Planning for Success

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What is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management (HCM) provides an overall strategy to hiring the right talent, managing performance and optimizing productivity.

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