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We simplify the payroll process by providing qualified payroll professionals to help you avoid costly errors, tax risks and compliance liabilities.

Exceptional Payroll Services

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Our Payroll Professionals specialize in the complexities of payroll taxes and government compliance. As part of our guaranteed services, we provide quick turn-around and accurate payroll and tax filing, including payroll record maintenance and management. We also offer PTO plan set up, accruals, balances and tracking, employee on-demand payroll access and 24/7 web-based employer reporting.

Payroll Tax Support

Complete payroll tax management.

We’ll handle Payroll tax submissions and preparation of compliance reports for all federal, state and local tax regulations and entities. We also provide automated and accurate employee documentation & submission to appropriate state agencies as well as management reports on all filings.

W-2 Processing

W-3 processing

Tax Credits

Tax return filing

Local Taxes

940 & 941 filings

State Unemployment

Unemployment Claims

State Withholding

Our team of qualified CPAs are here to help you navigate the complexities of payroll tax compliance.

Track, Monitor and Manage

Flexible time tracking options.

Choose from a variety of employee time tracking software options based on your employee and business needs, including:


With Webclock, employees can clock in and out using a web browser as well as change their cost centers throughout the day, view and approve hours, add notes to the segments, and even request time off.

Mobile App

Native applications for iOS and Android allow employees to clock in and out, view and approve their hours, and request time off. GPS stamp capabilities tie clock operations to a physical location.

RDTg Terminals

Wall-mounted Remote Data Terminals allow employees to clock in and out, change their cost centers, view and approve their hours and request time off, and see messages sent through the Time and Labor system.

Timesheet Entry

Timesheet entry is available for employees with special duties that must be added to their timesheet later, or for salaried or classified individuals who need to enter time instead of clocking in/out of each shift.

Compliance & Risk Management

We’ll help you stay compliant with government regulations.

Maintaining compliance means adhering to specific policies and standards as required by law. Applied Business Solutions facilitates all industry specific government compliances for you, including monitoring state and federal laws, how these regulations impact your business and preparing and filing all necessary forms and documents.

Payroll Tax Management

Wage & Hour Compliance

Wage Garnishments

Unemployment Compensation

New Hire Reporting

Minimize your employer risk

By ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining good employment practices, Applied reduces your risk, enabling your business to run smoothly-without road blocks.

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance to help cover injured or sick employees’ medical expenses, as well as help replace wages from lost work time. Workers Comp also helps protect employers from potential lawsuits due to possible negligence.

Pay -As-You-Go Worker’s Comp

Reducing the Cost of Coverage.

When partnering with Applied for Worker’s Comp Insurance, a business can eliminate premium financing and premium adjustments through a Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation program. Your premiums are based on your actual payroll and not projected annual payroll. This helps protect you from audit exposure because your premium is based on real-time payroll wages.

Step 1

Run regular payroll

You will continue running payroll as usual to ensure up-to-date employee count and wage data.

Step 2

Pay Your Premiums

Your premiums are then calculated per payroll cycle; eliminating large lump-sum payments.

Step 3

Eliminate Audits

Audits are eliminated by paying 100% of your premium according to your payroll cycle.

Learn more about Applied payroll services.

Certified Payroll Support

An all-in-one flexible payroll suite that seamlessly integrates with all of your business services.

Advanced Tax Management

We provide a team of Certified Payroll Professionals & Certfied Public Accountants.

Flexible Time Tracking

Easily sync your hours worked with payroll using our customizable time tracking software.

24/7 Online Portal

Easily and quickly review time cards, time off requests, monitor payroll and more.

Compliance Management

We facilitate all industry specific state and federal government compliance laws.

Easy Sign-On Process

Fast & effecient. Minimize the amount of time spent switching your payroll provider.

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