Compliance & Risk Management

Adhere to Regulatory Guidelines and Make Necessary HR Adjustments


Maintaining compliance means adhering to specific policies and standards as required by law. Applied Business Solutions facilitates all industry specific government compliances for you, including monitoring state and federal laws, how these regulations impact your business and preparing and filing all necessary forms and documents.

Maintaining Compliance In The Workplace

HR Compliance:

HR compliance of state-level HR mandates, e.g. Affordable Care Act, Small Business Efficiency Act, ADA Compliance, Family and Medical Leave Act. Assistance with developing handbooks, job descriptions, common ownership rules, etc.

Payroll Tax Management:

Payroll tax calculation and submission to federal, state and local entities. Preparation and submission of all compliance reports.
Compliance update for all federal, state and local tax regulations. Tax agency inquiries.

Unemployment Compensation:

Claims processing. Benefit charge statement audits. Annual review of state tax rates for unemployment insurance. Support for legal proceedings, including hearing and appeals preparation. Employer training and pre-separation counseling

Wage Garnishments:

Automated calculation of court-ordered employee wage garnishments. Payment and documentation to appropriate agencies
Regular review of legislation and agency rulings that affect compliance

New Hire Reporting:

Automated and accurate employee documentation. Submission of employee information to appropriate state agencies.
Management reports on all filings.

Top 5 Affordable Care Act Concerns for Small Businesses

To illustrate an example where having compliance specialists would be beneficial: on average only 10% of small businesses surveyed have implemented solutions to ensure overall ACA compliance as well as the aggregation & security of their data. Only 12% of companies survey knew what measures to employ to determine ACA eligibility and affordability. When filing ACA reporting, only 24% of small businesses intended to do it in-house. Finally, 50% of those surveyed knew how to respond to Exchange Notices.

  • Ensuring Compliance 10% 10%
  • Data Accuracy, Aggregation and Security 10% 10%
  • Determining Eligibility and Affordability 12% 12%
  • ACA Reporting 24% 24%
  • How to Respond to Exchange Notices 50% 50%

Managing Compliance Risks

Wage and Hour Violoations

Employers are required to pay their employees according to state and federal legal requirements. Unfortunately, the requirements can be rather specific, and when an employer fails to follow the requirements, can be subject ot fines and penalties. Depending on how each state enforeces their wage and hour laws, the penalties and fines can vary. But most stateshave rather specific rules that will provide for financial penalties if an employer fails to do somethings as simple asp rpovide a detailed paystub with each paycheck.

Tax Violations

Among the most common fines business will pay involve tax penalties for underpayment of estimated taxes and failing to file taxes on time. For many small business owners, these fines are the results of poor tax planning, and could have been simply avoided by hiring a PEO. If a person has a habit of accumulating tax violations, hiring a PEO will likely results in a net savings over time. If there are already tax violations piled up on your business, you will likely need to seek out the help of a PEO as well.

Employee Safety Violations

Employee Safety violations are a regular occurrence. Under both state and federal law, employers are required to provide a safe working environment for employees. Even failing to properly inform employees of safety precautions or display emergency procedures can result in hefty fines for a business.

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