How to Avoid Workplace Burnouts

Written by Mike Groe

Marketing & Brand Manager

Applied Business Solutions

February 16, 2022

Workplace burnouts can occur when an employee takes on an overwhelming number of responsibilities or tasks in a short period of time. If left unchecked, an employee experiencing a burnout could lead to a decrease in their work performance, moral, and even attendance. Identifying and addressing the early stages of workplace burnouts can help avoid conflicts among your staff members and reduce potential losses to your business.

Identifying Habits of a Burnout

Not all employee burnouts begin in the workplace. Burnouts can commonly develop due to lack of sleep or stress related to family and/or health. It’s relatively easy to spot the early signs of an employee burnout through changes in body language and daily habits, including energy levels, motivation, fatigue, and work-pace. These symptoms can physically or mentally tax an employee and result in increased vulnerability to being over-burdened in the workplace. An improper balance between work and time-off can also contribute to a higher chance of burnout if an employee tends to bring work home or continues to work during off-hours.

Preventing Employee Burnouts

If you sense that you, an employee, or coworker is beginning to experience a workplace burnout, there are several ways that you can help to address it. This includes setting boundaries for work-related tasks, adhering to better nighttime and morning routines, following a phone curfew during off-hours, and improving eating habits and nutritional intake. Focusing on simple improvements to stimulate overall well-being can help employees to avoid over-extending themselves and avoid potential burnout; allowing them to bring the best version of themselves into the workplace.

What is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management (HCM) provides an overall strategy to hiring the right talent, managing performance and optimizing productivity.

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