CDC Recommendations and COVID-19 Reports

Written by Bradley Morton

Director of Human Resources

Applied Business Solutions

August 10, 2021

There have been a number of increasing CDC recommendations due to last month’s spike in new cases of COVID-19, with the Delta variant being more contagious while reporting a lower mortality rate.

This higher transmission rate could mean a virus that spreads more quickly to others, and this is leading many people to return to wearing masks. The CDC has been quick to add new recommendations that state people (vaccinated or not) should be wearing masks when inside again. These recommendations are based on areas that have been listed as having substantial or high transmission of the virus. The CDC has released a map that classifies the United States of America into levels of transmission. (map below) This map predominantly shown to be in the criteria for returning to using masks while inside.

Currently only 8 states have mask mandates in place and most are specified to unvaccinated people while indoors. The 8 states that still have a mask mandate in some capacity are: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and Washington. Most notable being Los Angeles County, which just added the requirement for mask mandates when indoors regardless of vaccination status.

For businesses that are not in states with mandates it may not be as clear as to the best actions to take to protect the employees, customers, and the business. Each business will need to do an internal audit of current policies in order to determine the proper course of action. Things to consider:

What is the policy for individuals exposed to COVID-19? When can they return to work?
Will we continue to offer COVID related paid leave? American Rescue Plan Act extended the tax credit till September 30, 2021 but this is an optional offering to employees.
If a reported exposure occurred at work what is our communication policy to employees?
After an exposure at the business what steps are taken to sanitize the location?
What policies are in place to prevent or limit exposure to COVID-19 to the employees and customers?
The approach taken to creating a safe and effective work environment can be difficult when dealing with the constant changes related to COVID-19.

Applied Business Solutions will do a 100% FREE virtual consultation for COVID-19 on how to best prepare your organization, meet local/state requirements, and plan for future changes. For more information contact Human Resources at

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