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We understand the challenges that the Veterinary Industry faces and are here to help you reduce your costs and maximize your insurance plans.

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Our Services

Applied Business Solutions provides experienced Human Resource Professionals, Legal Representation, Certified Accountants, Bookkeepers, Licensed Insurance Agents and IT Specialist at your service to ensure your business is compliant with state and federal regulations and protected in the case of liability. We can accommodate businesses of any size, with any payroll, human resources, or benefits needs. Save time and money by combining all of your business services and portal management responsibilities under one roof.

Payroll & Tax Services

We offer quick turn-around and accurate payroll & tax filing, as well as payroll record maintenance & management support.

Human Resources

Our dedicated HR specialists are here to assist with employment tasks including hiring, recruitment, terminations, and more.

Employee Benefits

Providing access to the best benefit plans on the market at a better price for your business, your employees and their families.

Commercial Insurance

General Liability, Commercial Property and Automotive insurance with access the top rated carriers in the country.

Workers Compensation

Eliminate Work Comp audits while offering affordable solutions to protect your business and your employees.

Compliance Services

Adhering to all government regulations, monitoring state and federal laws, and preparing and filing necessary documents.

Exclusive Features: Master Medical Plans

A Health Insurance Master Plan allows us to combine all of the employees we serve under one large insurance umbrella. Employees will continue to be individually underwritten or covered by their own company’s plan, but they are pooled with other PEO-represented companies for underwriting purposes. This can change your entire benefits landscape, save you money, and be a critical piece in retaining and attracting the right employees. Contact us today to learn more about our coverages and how much you could save by using a Master Plan.

All Companies Can Offer Benefits

Cost is the primary barrier to providing this coverage to employees, but with a master plan, a 10 person company can now look like a 200 person company by the underwriters, and the price drops to an affordable level.

Retain Key Employees

Providing healthcare insurance to existing employees improves loyalty. They are less likely to seek opportunities with companies that offer this benefit, thereby retaining staff and lowering the cost of onboarding new employees.

Attract Higher Quality Employees

By adding healthcare coverage, companies can attract employees with more experience and skills than they could before. Our clients can better compete for the talent they need because the benefits playing field is leveled.

Make Healthcare Insurance Affordable

By offering a Master Health Plan, both the employer and their employees will save money. This difference means more money in the paychecks of the employers and staff and improved cash flow for the business.

Our Technology Platform

Utilizing our 100% web-based HR platform, we provide our clients and their employees 24/7 access to the resources they need. You can manage items like job description assistance, recruiting support, HR best practices, new hire onboarding, employee handbook, termination assistance, on-line training, and more. Our Human Resources tools are designed to grow with the size of your business!

About Us

Human Capital Management is a set of resource management practices that focus on the organizational needs to provide an overall strategy to guide talent attraction, recruitment, on-boarding, employee training and development, performance appraisal and feedback. When working with Applied, your company enters a co-employer relationship. Applied assumes responsibility for payroll and payroll tax compliance, workers compensation insurance, benefits administration, and other HR related tasks. Your company remains the worksite employer and continues to retain day to day control and direction of worksite employees.


Faster Business Growth


Less Employee Turnover

Answers to Your Questions

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide HR and human capital management services for businesses of any size; paying wages, filing taxes, assisting with state and federal compliance regulations and more. 

In addition, we also provide access to Master Medical health plans, commercial and life insurance, 401(k) plans and other benefits not typically provided by small businesses. These services enables our clients to cost-effectively outsource nearly all aspects of their employee management.

How does it work?

We enter a co-employment relationship with our clients, where we remit wages of the worksite employees, collect and deposit employment taxes and issues W-2 forms. We can also provide a complete HR and benefits package for your employees. Our clients retain responsibility over product development, business operations, marketing, sales and services.

Who uses our services?

Many clients take advantage of our robust web-based HR technologies & human capital management; including businesses ranging from accounting firms to high-tech companies and small manufacturers. We also service a broad range of professionals, including doctors, retailers, mechanics, engineers and contractors.

How do we benefit employers?

Employees of small businesses gain access to big-business benefits such as: health, dental, life, 401k plans and other insurances they might not typically receive as employees of a small company. Job satisfaction and productivity increase when employees are provided with professional human resource services, enhanced benefits, training, employee manuals, safety services and improved communications.

How do PEO’s help their clients control costs and grow their bottom line?

A PEO’s scale-able service offerings enables each client company to lower employment costs and increase the business’s bottom line. The client can maintain a simple in-house HR infrastructure or none at all by relying on the PEO. The client may also reduce hiring overhead. The professionals at the PEO can provide critical assistance with employer compliance, which helps protect the client against liability. In many cases, the client can pay a small up-front cost for a significant technology and service infrastructure or platform provided by the PEO. In addition, the PEO provides time savings by handling routine and redundant tasks for its clients. This enables the business owner to focus on the company’s core competency and grow its bottom line.

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