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Worker's Comp

Workers’ Compensation

Reduce the cost of coverage for your team.

Accidents can happen anytime. Eliminate Workers’ Comp audits while offering affordable solutions to protect your business and your employees.

Workers’s Comp Coverage Made Easy

Introducing the Pay-As-You-Go workers’ comp program.

When partnering with Applied for Worker’s Comp Insurance, a business can eliminate premium financing and premium adjustments through a Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation program. Your premiums are based on your actual payroll and not projected annual payroll. This helps protect you from audit exposure because your premium is based on real-time payroll wages.

Why do you need workers' comp?

This form of insurance helps cover injured or sick employees’ medical expenses, replace wages from lost work time as well as help protect employers from potential lawsuits due to possible negligence.

What is a Workers' Comp Audit?

A work comp audit is the examination of a policyholder's financial and payroll records after the expiration of a policy. It's done to determine the accuracy of the estimated premium when the policy was started.

Get the Best Options at the Lowest Rates

Easy to budget and manage.

Our partners work with multiple insurance companies to find you the best option and lowest rates possible. Pay-as-you-go workers compensation premiums are automatically paid each pay period and are based off actual payroll. It’s easy! We also work with great local agents to offer additional options for your Workers’ Comp needs. With this system, you are only paying premiums based on actual wages, which makes it easier to budget and manage.

Step 1

Run regular payroll

You will continue running payroll as usual to ensure up-to-date employee count and wage data.

Step 2

Pay Your Premiums

Your premiums are then calculated per payroll cycle; eliminating large lump-sum payments.

Step 3

Eliminate Audits

Audits are eliminated by paying 100% of your premium according to your payroll cycle.

Premium Adjustments

This system allows you to match premium payments to your exact employment levels for the pay period. The premium amount will adjust up or down based on your staffing needs, ensuring that you never pay a penny more than necessary.

Improved Cash Flow

Workers' compensation premiums are spread out over each payroll period, which makes budgeting easier and keeps cash available for your business. You only pay for what you need in any specific pay period so your expenses exactly match your operations.

Automated Payments

Nearly every insurance company that offers pay as you go coverage can also automatically collect your premiums with each payroll and debit your bank account. This is one less thing to remember and one less task to manage.

Ready to get started?

Curious to learn how Pay-As-You-Go workers comp could benefit your business or ready to dive in? Find out more with a risk-free request for proposal — a member of our leadership team will happily answer your questions.

*Savings based on individual business characteristics