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Flexible time tracking options

Get greater visibility into time and labor costs and simplify time management, PTO and scheduling with these convenient tools.

Get the Best Options at the Lowest Rates

Time & Labor that’s easy to budget and manage.

Integrated employee time-tracking software can quickly reduce your labor costs and help solve critical workforce management issues. Your employees’ data flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR so there’s no need to export and import timesheets between payrolls. Our Time & Labor tools can save you hours of administrative work while providing greater (and more accurate) visibility into your labor expenses.

Applied also offers multiple time-tracking software options, ranging from web-based browser entries to remote wall-mounted terminals; simply pick the option that best suites your business.

Reduce Labor Cost

Gain clear visibility of your labor expenses. Control wages and overtime by paying accurately and to the minute.

Lower Admin Costs

Tasks that took hours to complete now can be finished in minutes with smart, accurate employee time tracking.

Lower Compliance Risk

Reduce risk across FLSA, ACA and other compliance requirements with automated timekeeping and reporting.

Track, Monitor and Manage

Choose the best option for your business.

Choose from a variety of employee time tracking software options based on your employee and business needs, including:


With Webclock, employees can clock in and out using a web browser as well as change their cost centers throughout the day, view and approve hours, add notes to the segments, and even request time off.

Mobile App

Native applications for iOS and Android allow employees to clock in and out, view and approve their hours, and request time off. GPS stamp capabilities tie clock operations to a physical location.

RDTg Terminals

Wall-mounted Remote Data Terminals allow employees to clock in and out, change their cost centers, view and approve their hours and request time off, and see messages sent through the Time and Labor system.

Timesheet Entry

Timesheet entry is available for employees with special duties that must be added to their timesheet later, or for salaried/classified individuals who need to enter time instead of clocking in/out of each shift.

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