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Certified Payroll Support

Modern payroll is complicated. That’s why Applied provides credible payroll experts who have the experience and knowledge to handle payroll management’s fast-paced demands.

Checks & Direct Deposits

We provide quick payroll turn-around via printed check, direct deposit advices or pre-paid cards.

Employee Deductions

Let us handle all employee deductions, including wages withheld to cover taxes, garnishments and benefits.

Multi-State Payrolls

Do you do business in more than one state? Applied can process payroll in all 50 states.

Custom Job Codes

Classify your employees using custom department & job codes to accurately calculate multiple pay rates and taxes.

PTO & Time-Off Accruals

We’ll take care of PTO tracking for vacation, sick, and other types of paid time off as well as multiple accrual rate options.

Overtime & Holiday Pay

We’ll help track, calculate and approve overtime and holiday pay for workers with both fixed and variable hours.

Online Reports

Get secure online access to your payroll reports as soon as payroll is processed.

Per Diems

Do you have employees who require non-taxable reimbursements? No problem, we can track and manage these payments.

Detailed Job Costing

Let us help track expenses of individual jobs or projects by monitoring the costs of labor, materials and overhead.

Our team of qualified CPAs are here to help you navigate the complexities of payroll management.

Automatic Tax Management

Get peace of mind when it comes to your payroll taxes. We handle all of your tax payments, including Federal, State, and Local taxes to ensure full tax compliance.

Payroll Tax Deposits

We handle all payroll tax payments, including Federal, State, and local taxes to ensure full tax compliance.

Tax Notices

We handle any Federal, State, or Local taxes notices on your behalf.

Form W-2 and 1099 Filings

Applied will process your Federal, State, and Local filings and returns, as well as issue Form W-2 and Form 1099 to be sent to your employees.

Form W-3 Filings

We’ll assist in filing Form W-3 as required by the IRS and SSA.

Form 940 & 941 Filings

Accurate annual filing of Form 940 for Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes and quarterly filing of Form 941 for Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) taxes.

State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA)

Accurate annual filing of State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) payroll tax as required of employers.

Unemployment Claims Handling

Applied will provide quick response and validation of all unemployment claims requests.

Tax Credits

We’ll let you know if you qualify for additional tax credits when filing annual tax returns based on criteria met.

Flexible Time Tracking

Simplify time management, PTO, and scheduling with these convenient tools.

Timesheet Entry

The easiest way to track, manage, and report your employees’ time. Our easy-to-use timesheets and quick-access reports will improve your workflow and reduce costs.

GPS location validation

Our GPS validation technology ensures your employees are clocking in online on-time and on your premises.

PTO & Time-Off Accrual Tracking

Easily manage PTO, sick days and other types of paid time off as well as multiple accrual rate options through the time & labor portal.

Time Off Approvals

Approve your employee time off requests in seconds.

Advanced Scheduling

Prepare your schedules in advanced or set recurring schedules for employees.

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