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Guidance To Help Your Business Grow

While it’s true HR is a necessary part of any business, not all companies are equipped with the tools to tackle HR-related obstacles. If you are experiencing a growth in business, the responsibilities of paperwork, policies, procedures, and best practices can be overwhelming. When facing these HR challenges begins deterring focus away from business objectives, then it may be time to pursue an HR partnership with Applied Business Solutions!

About Our HR Platform

We provide a 100% web-based HR platform with on-the-go 24-hour access to house all of the resources that your employees may require. From this platform you can access and manage elements like job description assistance, recruiting campaign support, HR best practices, new hire on-boarding, employee handbook, termination assistance, on-line training, and much more. Our Human Resources tools are designed to grow with the size of your business!

HR Portal for Employees

Employees can access the portal to: manage personal information and update direct deposit information, view and print W-2 forms and pay stubs, request time off and view available PTO, view and enroll into health and ancillary products, access personal compensation history, and update personal information along with beneficiaries.

HR Portal for Employers

Employers and managers can access the portal to: report payroll online, customize your homepage with your logo and news, approve time requests through email alerts and verify accruals with PTO balances, and utilize easy access to reporting.

Dedicated Individuals Driven Towards Success

Regardless of the size of your business, Applied will provide a dedicated HR representative to offer guidance on employment practices, compliance and procedures. We’ll tackle high-priority tasks such as:

  • Job Posting and Descriptions
  • Hiring/Termination Assistance
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Handbook
  • HR Experts to provide consultation
  • Employment Regulations Monitoring
  • Preparing Risk and Safety Material
  • Online Training Videos

    Hundreds of online training videos are available, including topics such as safety, work-place violence, and sexual harassment.

    Onboarding & Training Made Simple

    Hiring and managing new employee onboarding is made fast, simple and paperless by utilizing our HR cloud system. Your employees will be able to access, update and manage their information in a single and easy-to-use location. During the onboarding process, employees will have the opportunity to sign up for benefits (depending on employers elected services). Learn more about our extensive employee benefit offerings below.

    Applied HR Staffing

    At the heart of any company are the people are what drive a business forward – especially yours! Applied HR Staffing’s focus is to help you find the right candidate, and help people find the right careers. We’ve found the perfect combination of resources to do just that!

    Legal Compliance

    It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with the litany of local, state, and federal employment laws, especially since they vary based on the size of the company.  We will ensure that your company is compliant to avoid penalties and stay on the right side of the law.

    Explore Our Other Services

    Payroll & Tax Services

    Quick turn-around and accurate payroll and tax filing for each employee, including payroll record maintenance and management.


    Protection against and management of claims regarding employee lawsuits and employee wrong doing.

    Health Benefits

    Employee access a variety of benefits including provisions for Major Medical Health Insurance and Dental.

    Commercial Insurance

    Our dedicated staff of professional accountants and bookkeepers can manage all of your accounting needs.

    Workers Compensation

    Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation Insurance, where premiums are based on actual payroll. No more Audits.

    Cyber Liability

    Proprietary insurance covering network business interruption, crime and protection from media and intellectual property risks.


    Applied manages complex lists of often industry specific government compliances.


    Our dedicated staff of professional accountants and bookkeepers can manage all of your accounting needs.


    Discover How Applied Can Help Your Business

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