Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protection against and management of claims regarding employee lawsuits.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) Protects Against Employee Lawsuits and Employee Wrong Doing

Why is EPLI Coverage Important?

Employee lawsuits can be expensive. According to HR Morning, a news site for HR Professionals, the average EPLI lawsuit settlement is roughly $125,000 and the median judgement against employers is about $200,000. 25% of judgements are even more than $500,000. Those costs don’t include additional expenses, such as lost productivity or reputational damage, and often it can be hard to defend yourself in an employee lawsuit. You don’t want a potential million-dollar decision to be based on abstract testimony from both the employer and employee. That’s why its smart to have EPLI coverage to provide the funds to handle your defense and settle lawsuits quickly.

Protected Claims 

Laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act outline standards employers have to meet. When employers break these rules, even without meaning to, they may face a lawsuit. Employment practices coverage helps businesses handle the cost of these suits.

Wrongful Termination

Ending of an employee’s contract which results in the breaching of one or more terms of the contract of employment.

Workplace Discrimination

Unfavorable treatment due to national origin, race, ethnicity and/or disability.

Breach of Employment Contract

Violation of one or more terms of an employee’s contract.

Sexual Harassment

Discrimination based on a person’s sex or unwanted sexual advancements or comments in the work environment.

Wrongful Discipline

Unjustified punishment due to misconduct performed by the employee.

Emotional or Mental Distress

Employer creates an event or environment which causes emotional or mental strain on the employee.

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