Introducing the CHAMP Plan™

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Written by Kayla Hauser

Senior Benefits Administrator

Applied Business Solutions

March 17, 2023

Introducing the CHAMP Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for an affordable healthcare plan that complements your existing coverage, or do you usually opt to go without any coverage? If so, the CHAMP Plan™ provides a low to zero cost minimum essential health plan that offers valuable personalized services to help you stay healthy while working to prevent future risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and more.

What is the CHAMP Plan™?

The CHAMP Plan™ is an affordable healthcare plan designed to supplement your current health coverage or can act alone as a minimum essential health plan. It provides access to benefits such as $0 copay for primary care and urgent care, telehealth visits, 100% preventative care services, unlimited frequency $0 & $1 copay prescriptions, as well as personal health assistants. This does not take the place of any other enrolled coverage, so it works alongside your major medical coverage to give you more access to less expensive care.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the CHAMP Plan™ varies by employee, with the average premium ranging from $0 to $20, however many employees may realize an increase to their net pay. For example, the average employee may see an increase of $125 per month to their net pay due to the plan’s tax advantage benefits. To find out your premium amount and sign up for the CHAMP Plan™, contact a Benefits Counselor at (904) 515-5553.

How does the CHAMP Plan™ work?

Enrolled employees must complete one short wellness activity per month to be eligible for the CHAMP Plan’s tax advantage benefit.These monthly activities can be completed using the mobile app or online portal and may include tasks such as watching a short video or completing a brief wellness questionnaire. If an employee misses a monthly activity, they will have up to 30 days to catch up and complete their pending monthly activities or risk losing their tax advantage benefit.

How do I enroll in the CHAMP Plan™?

Enrolling in the CHAMP Plan™ is easy! Contact a Benefits Counselor at (904) 515-5553 to find out your premium and sign up. No physical cards are issued for the CHAMP Plan™, as the plan number and ID card are located within the mobile Health Wallet app.

Employees can also add dependents to their CHAMP Plan™ by visit the portal at, through the mobile app or by calling Champ at (800) 369-0932 or (904) 515-5553. Dependents will use the same account number and a PCP specification is not needed, as the provider only needs to be in network.

The CHAMP Plan™ has different provider networks, which are as follows:

Urgent Care and PCP = First Health

Prescriptions = Versus RX

Telehealth/Mental Health = Amaze

Employees can look up providers using the CHAMP PROVIDER LOOKUP MH provider locator NETWORKS.

Don’t wait, enroll today and start taking advantage of the benefits offered by the CHAMP Plan™. If you have any questions, call Champ at (800) 369-0932 or (904) 515-5553 or email the Applied Champ team at

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