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Outsourcing your employee management will save you money and provide a dedicated team committed to handling all of your business challenges.

How Applied Business Solutions can Benefit your Business!

Applied Business Solutions has 75+ years of combined Payroll, Insurance and Human Resources experience working with companies ranging from 1 to 2,500 employees. When partnering with Applied, your company enters a co-employment relationship where the business owner retains full control of employees while Applied provides services under which employee management tasks can be outsourced. Outsourcing these services will greatly reduce the overall cost of healthcare, benefits, HR administration and more. Additionally, utilizing Applied’s resources will free up more time for business owners to focus on core business objectives.

What Businesses Say About Outsourcing


Would Recommend outsourcing to their peers


Experience an increase in revenue when outsourcing


Report profitability gains resulting from outsourcing

How Applied Can Boost Your Business

On average, small businesses that partner with a Professional Employer Organizaion for a minimum of 4 quarters experience faster overall growth and lower employee turnover.


Faster business growth


Lower employee turnover


Less likely to go out of business


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