401k Retirement Solutions

Applied Business Solutions has partnered with NestEggs Retirement Plan Services to deliver our Multiple Employer Plan 401(k) Solution.


NestEggs401k combines decades of academic expertise on plan design with low cost investments, and bundle it up with modern technology, objective advice, and administrative accountability.

A Customizable, Service-Oriented Approach

By partnering with Applied Business Solutions, you’ll have experts to rely on for all facets of your HR and Benefits needs. Professionals you can trust to answer your call, cover your blind spots, and make your life easier. That’s why Applied has partnered with NestEggs Retirement Plan Services to deliver our Multiple Employer Plan 401(k) Solution.

Your 401k Deserves More…

More Options

  • Easy to navigate CUSTOM plan designs
  • Numerous, low-cost investment options
  • Flexible billing and payroll options

More Transparency

  • You will know your fees up front
  • We do not take a commission!
  • We explain in writing all of the tasks we will perform for you

More Service

  • One point of contact for EVERYTHING
  • No call centers. No confusion
  • TPA, record keeper, and registered investment advisor all under one roof!

Getting Started is Easy Hop in, We’ll Drive

Applied Business Solutions & NestEggs’ fully bundled boutique approach makes YOUR life easy. Say hello to your personal 401(k) concierge.

We Build CUSTOM Plans & Payroll Processes

  • When you join our MEP, NestEggs will consult you
    on CUSTOM plan designs that may be more costeffective or tax-efficient for owners.
  • We help pick the investments & limit your liability.
  • We can provide four Modeled Portfolios-
    Conservative, Balanced, Growth, & All-Equity Growth.

We Enroll & Educate Your Employees

  • Our INTERACTIVE, BI-LINGUAL enrollment tool can be accessed on-demand via phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Participants will answer questions and be guided towards one of the model portfolios.
  • Participants work with their plan adviser one-on-one to pick their unique portfolio from our Fiduciary lineup.
  • We offer participants unlimited phone access to an adviser year-round at no additional cost.

We Maintain Your Administrative Compliance & Limit your Liability

As your §3(16) Fiduciary Administrator, we will also take
over the following responsibilities:

  1. Complete / Sign / Submit Form 5500 on your behalf
  2. Signing plan amendments on your behalf .
  3. Managing Payroll Data & Track Plan Eligibility
  4. Manage / Communicate Eligibility & Enrollment
  5. Approve Distributions / Loans / QDROs

We offer Easy to Use Portals, Customized Reporting & Integrated Payroll

Our state-of-the-art record-keeping and enrollment platforms provide you and your participants with easy to use tools available on phone, tablet, or desktop. As a plan sponsor, you can customize reports at will and gain valuable insights into your plan. Our MEP platforms integrate with the payroll platform so that all facets of plan operation run smoothly.

Enrolling in a 401k has never been easier!

  • Whether it’s a new or transferring plan, ONE dedicated consultant will quarterback the process of onboarding.
  • We will establish your plan documents, integrate payroll, work with your prior providers on transfers, and launch the enrollment campaign.
  • We will communicate with your employees on your behalf and keep them up to date on all required communication via email and paper mailings, so you don’t have to!
  • Your involvement in starting a plan or transferring your plan is minimal… Just sign a couple web-based forms, and we’ll take it from there!


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